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Workout With Me LIVE at Home 

Just because we don't have access to a gym it doesn't mean we can't stay fit & healthy, in fact it's more important now than ever.  That’s why once again I am opening up all of my sessions to non-members, we are all in this together and we must stay strong together, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

Join me Monday - Saturday for a variety of intense workouts using the greatest tool of all, your own body weight. Each day we will focus on a different area and will work on both your strength and fitness.  


I have also added some additional classes this time around for those who have weights and bands at home, as well as Yoga with Jo.


Using the APP Zoom means I can give you real time feedback and motivation, and we can stay connected and workout together.

Classes can be booked on a one-time pay as you go basis, or you can purchase a one week class pass of unlimited workouts for £20.


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